It can often feel like there are a million things to do to get ready for your babies arrival. But are they all necessary right now, or can some of those jobs wait? We’ve picked a couple of things that will take the pressure off those early days – and avoid you spending on things you don’t need (or don’t need yet).

Fill your freezer

When your baby arrives the last thing you will feel like doing is cooking! But you will need good meals to keep your energy levels up. Start filling your cupboards and freezer with wholesome foods and pre-cooked meals. Choose foods that are quick and easy to make up into healthy balanced meals, which don’t require much clearing up when you’re feeling exhausted.

Shortly after the twins were born, my mother-in-law very kindly bought my husband and I a semi-prepared casserole. All we had to do was brown the meat and put it in the oven for a couple of hours. My husband was really annoyed, not only at having to part-cook the meal, but because of the amount of washing up…to the point we contemplated getting paper plates! It’s amazing how big this task can feel when you’re sleep-deprived.

Divvy up the chores

Did you know household chores are one of the top reasons couples argue after having a baby? Avoid this unnecessary stress by dividing up the jobs before your baby arrives. We aren’t necessarily talking rotas (unless that works for you)…but more an understanding of who is responsible for what around the house.

Also, do be sure to give your house a really good spring clean – the last thing you’ll want is to be stressing about cobwebs when feeding your baby.

Don’t buy the whole of Mothercare…yet

Newborn babies don’t need much in the early days. So try not to stress out about having everything set up and ready for them for the next six months. All you really need is a Moses basket (or something for them to sleep in), some clean clothes, muslins to wipe up burps & spillages nappies and cotton wool. The most important thing they will need is you!

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning…don’t buy hundreds of newborn nappies before your baby is born. Firstly, you don’t know what size nappy will fit. Secondly, babies grow fast. The last thing you want is a nursery full of nappies that don’t fit!

Slow down

It’s really easy to overdo it in your last few weeks of pregnancy, as you rush around trying to get everything ready for your babies arrival. It can be tempting to think it’s the ideal time to finish off that DIY job you’ve been putting off for months. But as your baby grows, and your bump becomes heavier, it is important to slow down and take some rest! Take that afternoon nap you have been craving. Put your feet up and watch a film in the afternoon. It may seem decadent, but you really won’t have the opportunity once your baby arrives, and you’ll look back and wish you had.