Christmas is a busy time of year, and even more so when there’s a baby on the way (or just arrived!). So as a birth partner or new parent, you have an important role to play. We’ve come up with some birth partner tips, that will help you make her Christmas special and stress-free.

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten lords a leaping…

Top tips for a stress-free Christmas!

Pregnancy craving run

Does your partner have any weird and wonderful cravings? Do they come at random times of day? If so, this could be the perfect way to earn a brownie point or two. Whether that means sourcing chocolate at 3am, or whipping up a batch of cookies even though the football’s on, you’ll have it covered.

Christmas shopping

As pregnancy progresses women feel more tired and heavy. This means braving the shops, which are more and more hectic as Christmas approaches is probably the last thing she’ll want to do. So, is there a last-minute gift that needs buying, or groceries needed for Christmas day? Take the stress away, with this easy win!

Date night

This might be hard to fit in over the Christmas period, but once the baby arrives it’ll become harder to set aside time for date night. Why not plan an evening, where you can spend some quality time together and show her she’s number one! You could watch her favourite movie, or make her favourite dinner, anything to create a romantic night you’ll both love.

Pamper her

There are few things in life more relaxing than a massage or a nice hot bath. You could offer to massage her swollen feet or try to release some of the tension in her neck. Or, simply run her a luxurious bath with her favourite bubble bath and some aromatherapy candles.

Family Christmas

Although Christmas is a time for family, the sea of relatives at this time of year could become quite overwhelming for your pregnant partner – or mum and newborn baby. So, offer to ‘save’ her from the overbearing in-laws or her sister’s screaming children come Christmas day. This may be simply taking everyone out for a walk so she can have a quiet half-hour, or dropping her back home early. Whatever she needs.

Taking baby out for an hour

New babies are gorgeous (we think so anyway), but hard work! A new mum, can start to feel a little overwhelmed if she has the baby all day long – particularly if it’s cluster feeding! So, give her a break and take the baby out of the house for a walk. Or, enjoy some daddy playtime, whilst your partner has a rest.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But whatever you decide to do for your partner, remember even the little things will mean a huge amount and help relieve any stress or tiredness! We hope you’ve enjoyed our birth partner tips for the festive period and wish you a very merry (stress-free) Christmas!

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