If you speak to any new mum, she’ll tell you that a full freezer was a godsend with a newborn in the house. Finding time to shower and dress can be a struggle, so the last thing you’ll want to do is whip up a tasty meal. And there really is only so much toast you can eat!

Bulk cook in pregnancy

Start bulk cooking towards the end of your pregnancy and freeze in meal sized portions. This is a great way to have a variety of meals ready to defrost at a moment’s notice. We love this chilli con carne – it’s not only delicious, but it’s also packed with iron which you’ll need in plentiful supply post-birth to maintain healthy energy levels. See Why it’s important to eat well after birth.

Think quick and easy!

As a new mum, you’re not going to want be fussing around with lots of different pans. And, let’s be honest – you’ll often be eating with a baby under your arm. So, go for one-pot meals that can simply be eaten with a fork or spoon. Potatoes freeze better than pasta so meals like this tasty fish pie are great. Chuck in some extra spinach and prawns for something a little more special.

Nutritious and delicious

We all know how important a balanced diet is. This is especially true when your body is healing after the birth of your baby. So, try and load your one-pot meals with loads of veggies and protein. This shepherds pie is a great example, plus you can freeze it in single portions. Or if you’re looking for something more simple – try this warming root vegetable soup perfect for freezing with lots of vitamins, minerals and protein from the lentils!

Not sure where to start? These are really useful articles explaining what role the different minerals and vitamins play, in pregnancy and when you’re breastfeeding – and more importantly where to find them:

Foundations of a healthy diet: part one, Foundations of a healthy diet: part two

Prepare and organise

  • Remember to label all your meals (date too) – unless you like a lucky dip!
  • Fill your cupboards with key staples, such as rice, pasta and tinned foods
  • Don’t forget to defrost a day before – a good habit is to take tomorrow night’s dinner out of the freezer as tonight’s goes into the oven.

The gift of food…

When asked, several friends said one of the best gifts they were given when their babies arrived was a bag of frozen meals. So, if your freezer is looking a little bare or you’re not that into cooking – ask your friends and family to bring a meal or two over. There’ll be plenty of time to repay the favour at a later date!

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