As midwives, we’re always encouraging women to have an active birth, as it has loads of benefits for both mum and baby. In this blog we explore some of the benefits we think you’ll find most useful!

1. Gravity is your friend in active birth

Gravity helps your baby descend the birth canal while your uterus contracts. Lying on your back, means your baby is working against gravity.  So, you’re effectively pushing up hill! This will only make labour more difficult…and who wants that?

2. Less interventions

Research shows that you are less likely to need interventions, such as forceps and episiotomy, if you are upright and mobile in labour. Furthermore, squatting and kneeling positions can widen your pelvis. This will give the baby more room during birth.

3. Shorter labours

Studies also show that you may be able to shorten the first stage of your labour by up to an hour using different birth positions. Upright positioning helps your uterus contract more effectively. This gets your baby into a better position to pass through the pelvis.

4. You’re less likely to need an epidural

If you are hoping to give birth without the use of an epidural this one is for you. Research shows that you’re less likely to need an epidural if you use upright positions in labour.

Start practising now… watch this video and try the positions at home. 

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