To create a balanced antenatal programme we sought advice from a number of maternity specialists, listed below. Many continue to offer advice and support as we update the programme: 

Medical professionals

Kate Battersby, Midwife and IBCLC specialist, Bristol

Hannah Bowater, Midwife, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Trust

Vicky Carne, Midwife (postnatal ward), North Bristol NHS Trust

Dr Joana Crofts, Consultant Obstetrician, North Bristol NHS Trust

Professor Timothy Draycott, Consultant Obestrician, North Bristol NHS Trust and University of Bristol

Vicky Excell, Midwife, North Bristol NHS Trust

Mr Islam Gamaleldin, Consultant Gynaecologist, North Bristol NHS Trust

Mr Simon Grant, Consultant Obstetrician, North Bristol NHS Trust

Bonny Hetherington, Matron, Antenatal Clinic, Fetal Medicine and Screening, North Bristol NHS Trust

Susan Hughes, Senior Midwife, North Bristol NHS Trust and PROMPT Maternity Foundation

Sophie Inman, Midwife (Birth centre), North Bristol NHS Trust

Abi Matthews, Midwife (Obstetric unit), North Bristol NHS Trust

Claire Nutt, Specialist Mental Health Midwife and Massage Therapist, Lecturer, University of West of England

Carley Oates, Specialist Mental Health Midwife, North Bristol NHS Trust

Mr Stephen O’Brien, Consultant Obstetrician, North Bristol NHS Trust

Lisa Redmayne, Midwife, North Bristol NHS Trust

Emma Scourse, Midwife, Great Western Hospitals NHS Trust

Victoria Shaw, Midwife, Lecturer University of Plymouth

Professor Dimitrios Siassakos, Consultant Obstetrician, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust and University College London

Dr Malinka Vrabtcheva, SAS Anaesthetist, North Bristol NHS Trust

Cat Walker, Midwife (Community), North Bristol NHS Trust

Lucy Webber, Midwife and IBCLC specialist, Bristol

Sophie Wickham, Midwife (Day assessment unit and Fetal Medicine Unit), University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust

Private specialists

Sarah Dineen, Fit2Drop

Ruth Jackson, Bluebell Care

Rosie Lett’s, Nutritional Therapist, Rosie Lett’s Nutrition


Other research

We also spoke to hundreds of parents about their experience of antenatal education. We had four key questions:

  • What was the most useful information they were taught?
  • What were they taught that was unhelpful, misleading or incorrect?
  • What information was missing, that they wish had been included in their course?  
  • What advice would they pass onto to expectant parents from their experience?

We collated this information into key themes and did further research into the topics to include in our programme. 


We welcome feedback about our course from both customers and course leaders alike. After each session, our customers can submit feedback, specifically what they think works well and what can be improved. We have implemented many changes to the programme over the years, some of the bigger changes include:   

  • Creating a course handbook
  • Having a list of digital resources from reliable sources
  • Filming the course