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Welcome to your New Life antenatal classes! As part of your package, you have access to the class resources on our digital learning platform. These will be released on a week-by-week basis, in keeping with your class schedule. 

To access the digital learning platform, you’ll need the username and password I sent you in your welcome email. If you didn’t receive a username and password, it may be that you did not complete the pre-course survey. Click here to complete it

If you have any issues accessing any of the course materials, please get in touch with me on support@newlifeclasses.com.

Below you will find all the Zoom meeting details for your upcoming course with us. These will also be emailed to you each week. After the class has taken place, I will add the Zoom recording in place of the meeting details. 

Best wishes, 

Iona (signature)



Iona Reading
Founder, New Life
0117 214 0349

Session 1: Understanding your 3rd trimester


Meeting ID: 832 4282 5044
Passcode: 869039

Session 2: Early labour and coping strategies


Meeting ID: 898 0001 7659
Passcode: 549865

Session 3: What to expect from established labour


Meeting ID: 841 2933 0021
Passcode: 256711

Session 4: Planning for the unexpected


Meeting ID: 854 8454 3254
Passcode: 025229

Session 5: Feeding your newborn


Meeting ID: 889 5706 0018
Passcode: 442000

Session 6: Life changes with a baby


Meeting ID: 894 6770 9673
Passcode: 144868

Session 7: Caring for your newborn 


Meeting ID: 889 0343 0262
Passcode: 389513

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