What are the benefits of different birth positions?

Research shows interventions such as instrumental births and caesarean sections are more likely to occur if women are laid back on a bed during labour. This is one of the reasons the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) advises midwives to encourage women to remain active in labour and birth. It โ€ฆ

Aromatherapy in pregnancy and for labour

Essential oils have been used for their therapeutic qualities through the ages. And, whilst there is little medical evidence to their benefits a growing number of midwives are trained to use aromatherapy oils during labour. So, we asked Tara Persson who is a qualified aromatherapist, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal โ€ฆ

Top tips for a festive early labour

There's something poetic about having a baby during the Christmas period; with nativity scenes displayed in rich variety, far and wide. But more than that, the festive period offers a feel-good factor like no other. It's the perfect season to get the oxytocin flowing; helping labouring women everywhere. So, we โ€ฆ