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“I couldn’t more highly recommend the New Life Classes in Bristol which are led by experienced midwife Bonny and course organiser Iona. In the six pre-birth sessions we’ve done so far we’ve covered pregnancy, labour, labour complications/interventions, feeding, looking after a newborn and mental health/relationship changes. I feel like Bonny has given us really thorough and balanced information based on national guidelines, her experience as a midwife and as a mother of three.

Compared to what friends have said about other antenatal classes I was pleased we covered topics like induction, instrumental deliveries, caesarean’s and bottle feeding, as things don’t always go as planned… The sessions are crammed full of tips, interactive and lots of information is posted on the Facebook group after sessions so we can look into topics further. Enthusiastically run and evidence-based – I think these classes are excellent for any first time parents!”

Kate & Rupert B. (Netmums)