Winter definitely has it’s charms, including cozy winter jumpers and Christmas lights on dark afternoons. But as the days get shorter, and the long nights draw in you may already be wishing for warmer spring days. But wait! Don’t wish away these dark, cold winter nights just yet. It’s the perfect weather for a rich, sultry hot chocolate or two! Especially, if your pregnant or breastfeeding and off the red wine.

At New Life Classes HQ, we have very kindly taste-tested three delicious recipes we think you’ll love. And whilst healthy may be a dirty word when it comes to hot chocolate – the spices we have used certainly have health benefits!

Which hot chocolate is your favourite?

Our Vanilla and nutmeg, or Cinnamon and turmeric – or the spiced white, for something a little different?

The magic of spices

Spices not only taste amazing in hot chocolate – but as mentioned, they have health benefits too!


You may think this is an odd spice to add to hot chocolate – but don’t be put off just yet. turmeric has been used in Indian cooking for thousands of years, and is well-known for it’s anti-inflamatory properties. It’s also a powerful antioxidant. It adds a very subtle, but warming after-taste to the hot chocolate. We loved it!


Like turmeric, cinnamon it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflamatory. Moreover, it helps lower high blood pressure and is good for your heart. Plus, it tastes delicious!


In the ancient Chinese culture nutmeg was not only used for its healing properties or as a flavour enhancer, but it was also considered an aphrodisiac. This is always a good thing to keep in mind when sipping on your hot chocolate.

Aside from that nutmeg is packed with essential minerals like manganese, copper and magnesium that help reduce blood sugar. Manganese in particular is essential for a healthy and balanced hormone production. In addition, nutmeg can reduce joint and muscular aches.


Treat yourself to the real thing for this recipe, it adds a richness of flavour that just doesn’t compare with your bog-standard vanilla extract.

Whole milk

In our hot chocolate recipes we full fat milk. Not ony for a truly luxurious and creamy taste, but also because many of the active ingredients in the spices are actually fat soluble. This means, they are absorbed into your body better with the fat in the milk. So, while you enjoy your hot chocolate you can be sure that the spices will begin to do their magic.

Here are our three favourite recipes for milk, dark and white chocolate-lovers alike! Let us know which is your favourite!!

Cinnamon and turmeric hot chocolate (includes the spiced white)

Vanilla and nutmeg hot chocolate

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