Fill your freezer – before your baby arrives!

If you speak to any new mum, she'll tell you that a full freezer was a godsend with a newborn in the house. Finding time to shower and dress can be a struggle, so the last thing you'll want to do is whip up a tasty meal. And there really โ€ฆ

Which are the safe foods for pregnancy?

This list doesn't include all foods the safe foods for pregnancy, as it would be far too long. Instead we have concentrated on supplying a list of foods that you might not be very sure about. Cheese All hard cheeses are safe in pregnancy, even if made with unpasteurised milk - including โ€ฆ

Foods to restrict in pregnancy

Do you know which foods to restrict in pregnancy? There are certain foods that are not particularly good for you or your baby during pregnancy, and should be consumed in small amounts. Alcohol There is evidence to suggest that relatively small amounts of alcohol can increase your risk of miscarriage. The Department โ€ฆ

Foods to avoid in pregnancy

Do you know which foods to avoid in pregnancy, or the reasons why you are advised to avoid them? This article is worth a read to avoid any unnecessary complications in your pregnancy. Cheese to avoid You should avoid eating soft blue-veined cheese and soft cheeses with a white rind in pregnancy. โ€ฆ