We are sisters with a simple mission – to birth a new generation of stronger families in the UK by delivering comprehensive, evidence-based antenatal classes taught by registered midwives. Our classes help you as first-time parents build a network of new friends and professionals, that will support you through the crucial first few months with your newborn – and beyond. We give you the tools and information that help you to make informed choices that suit your needs, and help build your confidence.

We have very different career backgrounds. Bonny is a midwife and has three girls, including twins – which you might well argue is a full-time job in itself! Iona is an events and marketing specialist. We believe that by combining our medical and business knowledge we can provide a fantastic service to you.

We have a lot of similarities: – we are both detail-driven, passionate about delivering a top quality service, and believe our customers should be at the heart of everything we do.

We hope that you choose us to support you through this exciting journey into parenthood!

Why choose us?

Our vision

To eradicate feelings of failure and positively influence postnatal depression rates in the UK.

Our values


Building strong networks of friends and like-minded professionals is at the heart of what we do.


Ultimately our core function is to educate new parents. We believe education is the best tool for helping people improve their lives, by providing more choice and control. New Life is a place of opportunity, where we encourage our midwives to share their passion and expertise. It provides a strong foundation of learning, encouraging our community to share information and learn from each other.


Our vision is to eradicate feelings of failure and positively influence postnatal depression rates in the UK. Our practical, open and friendly approach gives parents the tools they need to approach birth and parenting with confidence, encouraging discussion, improving knowledge and reducing fear of the unknown.


We want to be a leading light in the provision of perinatal classes in the UK, helping parents and midwives alike to reach their full potential. We are flexible, solutions-focused and act decisively on feedback we receive, striving to continually improve ourselves and what we do.


We do not consider the circumstances in which parents join us to be a barrier to being able to support them and positively impact their birth and parenting journey. We welcome diversity, and no-one is excluded because of their individual choices or beliefs. Each person we work with is treated with respect and valued.


We are committed to helping build stronger families, encouraging new parents to communicate more openly and effectively on a range of topics that will help give them the best start with their new baby.


Everyone has their own story and we recognise there is no one-size fits all approach to birth or parenting. We get to know our customers and staff as individuals, meeting them where they are and equipping them to face their individual situations with compassion and understanding.